About HD-CCTV (HD-SDI CCTV camera)

2013-07-18 17:49:57

About HD-CCTV (HD-SDI CCTV camera)

                                                                             What is HD-CCTV ?
An HD CCTV system is a video surveillance system in which specialized digital transmission technology, as defined by the SMPTE, is applied to a CCTV technology platform. HD video (HDTV) signals are transmitted digitally over conventional CCTV media (coax) based on standard HD-SDI transmission technology.
                                                                               What is HD-SDI ?
HD-SDI stands for HD-Serial Digital Interface, which is derived from SDI foundation technology, developed for the professional HDTV market and widely deployed and defined as an international standard protocol. HD-SDI transmission is the best way to deliver a lossless HD quality image for CCTV applications.
The advantages of HD CCTV

720p(1280*720) /1080p (1920*1080) resolution (720P camera/1080P camera)
Full HD live view and recording
Plug-and-Play on the coaxial cable
Lossless image transmission , near-zero time latency
Compatibility assured by worldwide standard
Progressive scan
Efficient installation & maintenance for installer side
Image quality (HD-CCTV cameras vs Analogue CCTV cameras)

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