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J21S Electric power press

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CNC Tube and Pipe Processing

Plasma pipe cutting machine
Plasma pipe cutting machines are our standard five axis CNC pipe profile cutting machines. They include software packages for PC and CAD file importation and conversion to automatically create the perfect geometry for the cuts and joints specified on the print.
The machines Michfab offers can be upgraded for maximum productivity with optional software and equipment. Optional software packages include: 3D conversion, AWS cutting, nesting, square pipe cutting, marking and taper pipe cutting.
Alltra Pipe Cutting
ALLtra Pipe Cutting Systems handle pipe diameters to 32" and lengths to 42' with plasma or oxy-fuel cutting heads. The unique gantry and roller design provide a rigid and robust structure, ensuring tool tip accuracy and reduces out of tolerance conditions resulting from out-of-round or out-of-straight pipe conditions.
With multiple software options available, ALLtra Pipe Cutting machines offer flexibility and simplicity of use that is soon to become the industry standard. Customized handling and cutting options complete the comprehensive system approach with ALLtra Intelligent Design. ALLtra Pipe Cutting systems all carry the confidence of ALLtra's renowned service and support.
Alltra Tube Cutting
Square and rectangular tube cutting is made easy and economical with ALLtra Tube Cutting Systems. Copes, holes, thru hole, cut-to-length and complicated geometries are processed with precision and ease.
ALLtra Tube Cutting Systems feature advanced software integration allowing simplified model-to-part cutting. Capable of processing tubes from 4″-18″ OD up to 42′ lengths, our tube cutting machines are configurable with optional material handling for both parts and raw material conveyance.
As with all ALLtra products, ALLtra service and support and the advanced technology of our software and hardware solutions all complete the ALLtra systems-approach that ensures your success.
Electro-Mechanical Integrators, Inc.
At 1/5 the cost of the least expensive laser we are 10x faster than the remaining alternatives. When it comes to processing standard lengths of pipe, tubing, angle, and channel into weld-ready components,EMI makes it fast and easy with its unique CNC plasma system.Configured to fit your specific tube-processing requirements, the basic system outperforms saws, mills, and hard tooling in speed, precision, repeatability and profitability.A customer with high production requirements can get an auto-loading system that works efficiently from a bundle size magazine yet unloads according to your WIP requirements.The machines work any combination of diameters and angles from stock lengths eliminating manual measuring, sawing, and notching, deburring, drilling, and repetitive material handling. Combining all these manufacturing steps into one continuous process dramatically reduces direct labor and floor space requirements while increasing profitability.
Available Machines:
2400 Series Tube Processing Center
2100 Series Tube Processing Center