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JB23 Electric press

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Michfab offers a diverse line of sheet metal folding machines from Roper Whitney.
Sheet metal folding is a forming fabrication process. A gauging system with stop fingers positions the blank to the bend line. The upper beam clamps the blank to the lower beam. The folding beam bends the sheet to the programmed angle.

Roper Whitney Autobrake 1214
The Autobrake 1214 provides accuracy and repeatability when forming up to 12ft long 14 gauge or lighter materials. This sheet metal brake is a high speed solution to make multiple bends while maintaining a high quality level in the end product. Both backgauge options provide accurate part location through the use of servo drives and are expandable with optional backgauge extensions. The rigid design includes crowning adjustments to ensure accurate bending regardless of raw material stresses. Various options of tooling are provided to help customize to your specific needs, and can be provided in tool steel or hardened.