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What Is Verified Supplier?
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What Is Verified Supplier?

VS (Verified Supplier) is the certification service provided byHiSupplier for enterprises. It takes rigorous document review andon-site review in accordance with international auditing standards forChinese suppliers. This audit addresses on-site validation of companies,providing buyers with a more comprehensive view of the productioncapacity and trade capability of manufactures and trading enterprises.HiSupplier has been devoting itself to developing innovative strategiesin expanding its service scope as a leading e-commerce platform. Now, weadopt the Bureau Veritas' audit service, which shall represent a realeye of buyers in China. In order to set up a credit system based onreality and build a high-quality platform, HiSupplier entrust BV, one ofthe three international famous certification authorities recognizedglobally, to check the suppliers professionally. BV will provideVS(Verified Supplier) report after assessment quality management systemand validation legal documents… Suppliers who have been checked will getan exclusive Check Logo and Report Display, which can help buyersabroad have a comprehensive understanding about suppliers. Under thiscircumstance, the communication between buyers and sellers will be moreefficient, and they can trust each other rapidly.
VS (Verified Supplier) service issuitable for Chinese excellent suppliers possessed capacity and strengthin exporting around every industry. Through analyzing thecharacteristics of B2B e-commerce platform, and buyers' approach inchecking and evaluating samples during global business, we haveresearched this systematic solution. To some extent, it can promote theinternational image of both buyers and suppliers.